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30 Years and Growing

Injection Works has been providing injection molding and related services to our customers for over 30 years. The original name of the firm, Eptech Corporation, reflected our geographical location when the company was formed. In fact, the name Eptech is derived from Eastern Pennsylvania Technologies. The company relocated to our present location in Mount Laurel, NJ after acquiring the injection molding division of the A.L. Hyde Company, a firm with a long, rich history in plastics dating back to the 1950’s. A.L. Hyde was in fact the first plastic injection molding company to purchase and install a 1,000 ton injection molding machine on the East Coast.

The consolidation of Eptech and A.L.Hyde operations into our new 46,000 square foot injection molding facility in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, provided the foundation to grow along with our customer’s needs and at times, put assets into place in anticipation of the future requirements of the markets we serve. In 2010, as part of a comprehensive update of our on-line marketing efforts, the company was re-named Injection Works, with the simple goal of clearly communicating our core service with prospective customers.

A Nelson Miller Group Organization

In 2023, Injection Works joined Nelson Miller Group (NMG) as its in-country authority for custom thermoplastic injection molding. NMG, founded in 1937, partners with OEMs and SMEs to solve complex challenges in design, engineering, sourcing, custom manufacturing, and supply chain management. NMG’s investment in Injection Works opens up a broad portfolio of engineering design, custom manufacturing, and supply chain capabilities to our customers. NMG’s global reach and strong reputation for quality and customer care go hand-in-hand with our commitment to dependable and cost-effective solutions. 

Fiscally Conservative

Throughout our history, Injection Works has maintained a strict policy of fiscal responsibility with the intent of providing safety, security and consistency to our employees and customers alike. Serving as a reliable and trusted partner with our customers has provided benefits to all stakeholders, allowing for ongoing investments and additions to our capabilities without relying on excessive leverage. Our Dunn and Bradstreet rating of 2A1 is a source of pride to us, and a significant number of customers that have decided to transfer their production activities to Injection Works in the past have done so based largely on our strong financial foundation and long-term perspective.

Injection Works