About Injection Works

Our past helps define us, and guides us toward a better tomorrow.

2022: Injection Works continued to invest heavily in new technology, automation and operational reliability during this year, with the replacement of five more older injection molding presses with five all-new Hybrid Servo-Hydraulic machines sized from 55-ton through 420-ton. Additionally, Injection Works added an incremental sixth new machine this year, a customized All-Electric 120-ton machine suitable for high precision, small shot weight assignments. Further ensuring overall facility uptime, the company replaced its original back-up air compressor with an all-new, high efficiency Quincy 30 horsepower Variable Frequency Servo Drive unit to maintain essential availability of compressed air throughout the plant. A new mid-sized 3-Axis with Wrist Servo Extraction Robot joins the production floor to further reduce reliance on Operator labor with a variety of molds.

2021: Injection Works retired three older all-hydraulic molding machines with three all-new hybrid Servo Electric / Hydraulic horizontal machines in the sizes of 190-ton, 190-ton and 420-ton. In addition, the company added yet another all-electric molding machine, sized 120-ton to add to its equipment portfolio.
The company also purchased two new sonic welding assets, one with a 2,000 watt power capacity and the other with a 3,000 watt power capacity, further building out the company’s Value Adding Secondary Operations Department – allowing customers additional options for one-stop shopping. Two new 3-axis extraction robots were installed on molding machines to assist with further automation of post-molding part processing. Finally, Last-generation T-5 florescent lighting was replaced with new, super-bright LED lamps throughout the 46,000 square foot production facility, providing an even brighter and safer work environment for our staff.

2020: The addition of a new Two-Color Pad Printing/Decorating system from industry leader Pad Print Machinery of Vermont allows custom decorating of customer components with a larger print size envelope.  Complementing the new pad printing asset, Injection Works also installed a direct-vent commercial exhaust hood to provide more safety to our team in handling and mixing paints and inks related to pad-printing decorating applications.  A heavy-duty, adjustable size automated box taping machine was purchased to support Injection Works’ Value-Adding Secondary Operations Department’s work, allowing high speed, repeatable and visually consistent tape closures of product boxes.  IW also replaced a 180-ton full hydraulic machine with a new 240-ton hybrid Servo Electric / Hydraulic horizontal molding machine, enhancing process repeatability, reliability, flexibility and energy efficiency.

Injection Works also upgraded phone and data connectivity reliability by connecting to new fiber optic links to our local service providers.  Also, an all-new cloud-based telephone system offers new and easy call-forwarding features that help IW staff stay connected to our Customers and valued partner-suppliers.

2019: Injection Works upgraded functionality of our IQMS Enterprise Resource Planning software by activating Serialized Inventory Control, which results in every item in inventory – raw materials, WIP, molded parts and all related components – being barcoded and included in automated inventory reporting.  This next step in enhancing control of inventory provides both Injection Works and our Clients even greater access to important production timeline information – allowing for even more efficient on-time processing and delivery of customer products.  Following growing medical market production capacity needs, Injection Works designed and built a duplicate automated manufacturing work cell including a 310-ton all-electric molding machine, mobile class 100,000 clean room, 3 axis parts extraction robot and custom rotary table system to provide automated packaging of products.    An all-new roof replacement project provided a safer facility for our staff members to work, and the project allowed IW the opportunity to lengthen the service life of our rooftop-mounted 290kW solar array system with all new mounting, wiring and connection components that complement our US-made solar panels.

2018: The investment in two new all-electric horizontal molding machines – 55-ton and 310-ton – help Injection Works retain our technological lead in primary equipment offerings to our customers.  Additionally, Injection Works expanded our Quality Assurance Department in both size and capability by doubling its square footage, and placing into service a new, state of the art touchless OGP laser inspection machine that allows for simultaneous, speedy and accurate automated dimensional inspection and documentation of complex parts up to 64 cavities at one time.  The Quality Department also added a new hardness tester, resin moisture analyzer, SPC data-collection assets and a new X-Rite color spectrophotometer to ensure color match requirements are achieved.

2017:  Targeting lower energy consumption, Injection Works installed a new plant-wide 20-ton high-efficiency water-cooled chilled water generation system, replacing two older air-cooled 15-ton chillers, saving floor space, reducing ambient noise generation and eliminating the spread of unnecessary particulates within the manufacturing environment.  An ongoing staff training and development focus resulted in the investment in the latest version of the Paulson Injection Molding Training software package.  This effective software tool offers team members new plastics processing skills while also strengthening skills they may already hold.  Finally, Injection Works rearranged a portion of our facility to be solely devoted to providing customers with a variety of value-adding services to our core injection molding activities.  Custom pad printing, assembly, sonic welding, packaging and other services occur here in our cost-effective Assembly Department.

2016: Injection Works placed a new 3-axis robot with custom End of Arm Tooling for multi-cavity extraction of parts from all-new fast-cycling 16 cavity hot runner molds into service.  This 3-axis robot runs in conjunction with a custom-designed rotary packaging station housed in a class-100,000 clean room, allowing for decreased human contact in the manufacturing process and reducing operator labor costs.  Also in 2016, IW doubled the number of available SolidWorks Seats from 2 to 4.  The addition allows more contributors to the process of evaluating and advising customers on how to best design their molds and molded components, reducing the timeline from concept to final part design and new tooling fabrication.

2015: Injection Works purchased a new Stratasys 3-D Printing System to advance our ability to provide customers with pre-production part design support as well as physical, printed parts that can be tested alongside mating parts for ease of use, assembly and functionality.  The envelope of printing size is a generous 10” x 10” x 12”.  Our Engineering, Quality and Production teams will also rely on this asset to generate custom jigs and fixtures to facilitate locating and measuring molded parts faster and more reliably.

2014:  Injection Works enhanced the quality and dependability of distribution of compressed air to our work cells and throughout our facility with the installation of a new Garnder-Denver 30 HP variable speed compressor with an accompanying Air Dryer system to provide clean, dry and reliable compressed air to our facility.  The variable drive option on this unit reduces power consumption by 60% and offers Injection Works lower operating and maintenance downtime costs and allows the company to offer more competitive pricing to our customers.

2013: Adding to our capacity and flexibility in safely moving and positioning large tooling and other assets, Injection Works purchased a new 10-ton gantry crane and associated powered chainfall.  A growing focus on large tonnage molding opportunities drove a reconfiguration of our Tooling Services Department and the addition of multiple heavy duty storage cabinets for securing and organizing customer tooling asset components.

2012:  Injection Works invested in three new Hybrid Servo Electric / Hydraulic horizontal injection molding machines, sized 120-ton, 190-ton and a twin-platen 720-ton.  These new assets offer increased energy efficiency, a broader range of capabilities to process more challenging, viscous resins as well as greater shot-to-shot repeatability, resulting in enhanced product quality and consistency.  We also added a new single-color Pad Printer, allowing Injection Works to custom decorate molded components while providing customers with one-stop shopping of higher valued, complete end products.

2011:Enhanced efficiency, cycle time repeatability and overall part quality was the goal with the addition of a large and flexible Servo Robot to one of Injection Works’ 720-ton injection molding machines.   This new asset also provided for reduced operator fatigue, eliminating manual part extraction while interacting with the work cell.  Injection Works also invested in all new 18 bay heavy-duty multi-tier inventory racking to provide a dedicated, safe home for all customer tooling assets.

In support of a growing Medical, Cosmetics and Food/Beverage customer base, Injection Works installed a Class 100,000 Clean Room Molding services to provide for clean and controlled manufacturing environments and protect sensitive product during molding operations.

Responding to the ongoing shift in communications to greater reliance on electronic formats, the company launched a new website with significantly more content, data access and information to benefit our customers. In conjunction with Search Engine Optimization efforts, the company is re-named Injection Works to assist prospective new customers to identify and contact us to discuss their unique production requirements.

With energy conservation and cost reduction in mind, replaced plant-wide lighting fixtures with the latest T-5 flourescent technology, improving color rendition and candle light intensity while decreasing lighting costs by half. Strong, positive customer feedback led to a decision to further commit to all-electric machines and the purchase of two additional 110 ton presses.

Accelerated “Green”, energy-saving initiatives by adding another 310 ton all-electric molding machine and replacing 4 inefficient vintage air compressors with a single variable drive compressor, substantially reducing energy consumption. The resulting savings offset much of the increase in energy costs seen in our region.

Revised all company policies and procedures to reflect current and future operating requirements, and received ISO-9000:2000 registration from the SGS certification company.

Embarked on a significant upgrade to our Quality Department with the addition of new product evaluation assets including a Coordinate Measuring Machine, CNC Vision system and a color spectrophotometer.

To provide more transparent and accessible information to our customers, the company invested in an Enterprise Resource Planning software and hardware system that is designed specifically for custom injection molders. Implementation of this system gave customers immediate, on-line information about the status of their orders 24×7. Customers immediately report that access to real-time data allows them to improve their communications and service levels to their customers.


Purchased the company’s first all-electric molding machine as part of our annual capital reinvestment program. Relying on excellent repeatability and low energy consumption, the all-electric series of molding machines provides customers with more consistent and ultimately, lower-cost product.

Based on consistently strong customer support, the company purchased our Mount Laurel facility from Liberty Property Trust, a Philadelphia-based REIT. Acquiring our facility provided more latitude to make additional capital investments to further enhance our production and service portfolio offerings to our customers.

Purchased additional new 500 ton and 720 ton injection molding machines to satisfy growing customer product demands.

To help large-volume usage customers reduce cost, the company installs a new 80,000# material silo and vacuum distribution system to support our largest machines.

Completed acquisition of A.L. Hyde Molding Division from the Danaher Corporation, an international holding company that owns a wide variety of well-known industrial product companies such as Fluke, Anderson Instrument and Deltran.

Re-located core Eptech operations from Warminster PA facilities as well as assets and personnel from the A.L.Hyde Company from Grenloch, NJ to our current 46,000 square foot facility in Mount Laurel NJ. With advanced planning, our team succeeded in getting 90% of full operational capacity on line within 12 days of the relocation start date, without delaying any customer delivery obligations.

Responding to ever-increasing customer base and individual customer sales growth, the company expanded by leasing a total of 5 individual flex space units, and purchased 10 additional new molding machines ranging from 55 to 220 ton. By the closing days of 1996, it was clear to us that we needed a new, unified production facility in order to continue to serve our customers with a more efficient process and production environment.

Purchased two additional Boy molding machines to respond to growing customer demands

Eptech Incorporated as a Pennsylvania S-Corporation, and began operations in a 2,500 sf flex light-industrial unit with a single Boy 55 ton molding machine


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