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Two Reasons Clients Typically Engage Us

Developing a New Project

When new projects are given the green light to proceed, some companies prefer to reach out to new injection molding vendors to help because they do not want to disturb existing supply chains or relationships with their legacy molders. Injection Works can prove to be a wise choice for a company looking to build upon their list of Approved Vendors by providing the desired help with:

Project management Prototype part fabrication Pilot mold development New product testing and evaluation Transition to full production tooling and molding

Many engineering-driven clients have decided to partner with Injection Works to serve as their trusted injection molding services provider to bring their newest product offerings to market on time and on budget. Let’s talk about how Injection Works can become a trusted partner on your next new project.

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Transferring Existing Molds to a Better Supplier

There are many injection molding companies operating today that provide acceptable service and quality to their customers. But for a variety of reasons, more and more firms no longer give their clients the attention, quality or cost-containment that they have in the past. Recent economic challenges have negatively affected molders of all sizes. If you are becoming concerned about the financial stability, attention to quality, delivery performance or other attribute the you depend on from your current molder, it’s time to consider a change that will protect your assets and assure availability of your products when you need them. Injection Works has many years of experience helping customers transfer their molds to us easily, painlessly and safely. Our process eliminates uncertainty, moves your critical assets in our secure hands in a fully documented and insured manner, and assures they are ready to produce whenever you need product.

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