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A Global Electrical and Electronic Component Manufacturer

I appreciate the collaboration and partnership over the past 2.5 years. A special thank you to Dan Ferrante. You supported us through the most difficult period when we had resin constraints. You are extremely responsive and worked with us dedicatedly to support our demand. There is nothing more we can ask from a Vendor like you.


A Global, High-end Office Furniture Manufacturer

Hi Team Injection Works,

I just received the Grey Flame Retardant version molded samples that you provided, and they look really great – please see our recorded measurements below. I’m happy to say that we finally completed this project, and all color matches have been approved!!! Great, great job, everyone!

I would like to buy you all a beer when you have the chance to visit us again! Thank you so much for your support over the past year as we worked through this very challenging issue together.

We appreciate your partnership,


Federal Supplies Procurement Agency

Thanks Nick!

Been a pleasure doing business again! Injection Works is awesome! Appreciate all the assistance from you, Mike and John!

Stay safe, stay cool.


Multinational Polymer Manufacturer


I was impressed with your ability to adapt and be flexible enough to work with our developmental materials. You guys clearly added value to the project!

Thanks so much,
Bret N.

Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Chris: You’re the man! Many thanks for the prompt action – we didn’t get much lead time on the foreign order, and we’re really scrambling to get it assembled and shipped. If I could only get a forecast…… yeah right! Gratefully yours, John C.

Utilities Safety Device Manufacturer

Rose & Chris,

I want to personally thank you for the “customer courtesy” you have extended us in reference to our most recent expedite request. It is an amazing gesture and very much appreciated. Warm regards,


Signals and Control System Manufacturer

Dear Chris, Rose and the Entire Injection Works Corporation:

I wanted to take this time to express our appreciation for all of your company’s hard work. Injection Works has been a trusted vendor for awhile now and has always provided high quality materials and on-time delivery. More specifically, on one recent occasion, Injection Works came through for our company in a major way.

Due to some oversights on our end, we completely ran out of our clock crystals quite a bit sooner than we thought we would. Our order that was already in-house wasn’t due to be produced for 2 more weeks! I relayed our problem to Chris and Rose and pleaded for an extremely rushed order (even a week would’ve been great). Not only did they both come through, along with the production staff, but we received part of our order in only a few days!!

Words cannot express how much Injection Works saved us with this order. I want to make sure that the manufacturing team knows just how much they came through for us. If you weren’t able to switch things around and push other orders back and work through the weekend, the production of our clocks would have been literally shut down for 2 weeks. This would’ve been a huge problem for us, both for our workers and for our customers.

Please know that the extra work and dedication of Chris, Rose, the entire manufacturing team, and anyone else involved, is appreciated in this situation and at all times. Thank you very much for your continued efforts.


Transportation Component Systems Supplier

Dear Ms. Connolly:

Injection Works is committed to excellence in both quality and service. Whether it is finding a solution to a molding problem or juggling production schedules to meet our requirements, Injection Works is committed to serving our company in the area of price, delivery and quality.


Marine Environment Control Systems Manufacturer

Attn: Rose/Chris

Injection Works is considered one of our top vendors.

Their key qualities are:
– Their pricing has always been competitive.
– They are easy to work with, especially when needing schedule changes.
– There is very little non-conforming product.
– They keep the customer informed of industry changes and market conditions that may effect price and delivery.
We look forward to doing continued business with Injection Works.


Injection Works

Phone: 856-802-6444




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