3-D Prototype Printing

Injection Works helps clients accelerate their New Product Development process timelines by offering In-House 3-D Prototype Printing services using our Stratasys Fortus 250mc 3-D Printing System. Customers appreciate the enhanced speed-to-market that results from working directly with Injection Works to build their prototype components, and then collaborating to achieve further design-for-manufacturability enhancements that become evident with actual components in hand. The Fortus 250mc is based on FDM technology, and builds parts as large as 10” x 10” x 12” from the bottom up with precisely deposited layers of modeling and support material. This 3-D printer uses ABSplus, a production-grade thermoplastic that is extremely durable, generating components with an accuracy better than 0.010”. In many cases, once 3-D models are available, Injection Works can generate and deliver newly printed prototype parts to customers in under 24 hours. Bring your new product to market faster with Injection Works. We welcome your call or visit to discuss how In-House 3-D Printing can accelerate your project timeline and give you a competitive edge.

Dan Ferrante with our new Fortus 250mc 3-D Printer


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