Injection Works Announces Investment from Nelson Miller Group

Nelson Miller - Injection Works

Injection Works has joined Nelson Miller Group (NMG) as its in-country authority for custom thermoplastic injection molding and related services. California-based NMG has global reach and a strong reputation for quality and customer care, two values shared by Injection Works.

In joining NMG, Injection Works gains access to a broad portfolio of end-to-end supply chain management services, as well as new capabilities in engineering and manufacturing—backlighting, touch screen solutions, electronic components, and specialty switches, to name just a few. These additional services are sure to create additional value customers who seek to expand the support they receive from Injection Works.

Injection Works has built its reputation on trust, dependability, and cost-effective solutions. Moving into this next phase, customers and other partners will continue working with the same dedicated team and receive the same high level of service and quality as in the past. In bringing Injection Works under the Nelson Miller Group umbrella, NMG has shared its long-term commitment to the Injection Works team and facility in Mount Laurel, NJ. This will allow Injection Works to share its top-notch, American-based injection molding capabilities with a broader audience, while continuing to serve existing customers with its longstanding commitments to quality and cost.

The Injection Works team expresses their sincere gratitude to the customers and partners for their contributions to the company’s strength and helping to enable this exciting opportunity. For more information about NMG, visit

About Nelson Miller Group

Nelson Miller Group serves organizations across industrial, IoT, telecommunications, lighting, medical, consumer, and aerospace industries. It delivers components and services for OEMs and SMEs needing support with custom engineering design, quality manufacturing services, and end-to-end supply chain management. The company prides itself on its integrity and exceptional customer care as it creates winning solutions across the entire supply chain, from design to delivery. Follow Nelson Miller Group on LinkedIn.

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