Injection Works invests in five all-new molding and two new sonic welding machines in 2021

Injection Works celebrated the arrival of four new replacement and one new additional molding machine to our Mount Laurel, NJ manufacturing facility. Presses sized 190-ton, 190-ton, 240-ton and 420-ton serve as replacements of retired assets, while an additional, fifth 120-ton press brings our total work cell count up to 21. The company expects to offer customers improved service levels based on the enhanced reliability, repeatability and efficiency that these investments will provide.

The company’s Value-Adding Secondary Operations Department gains further capability with the addition of two new sonic welding units, one that features a 2,000 watt generator, and a second unit with an even larger 3,000 watt power generator. These new assets will allow Injection Works to provide customers a greater range of size and complexity of components that integrate sonic welding of features such as threaded inserts into their design.

Injection Works