Video Library

Video Library

Here, you’ll find a small, but growing list of short videos illustrating a variety of injection molding and related operations that routinely take place at Injection Works. Thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy the show!

Injection Works – A quick tour from Injection Works.

Injection Works Video 2

Plastic Injection Molding Process Using 3 Axis Full Servo Robotics to Control Cycle Times and Reduce Contamination and Operator Labor Requirements. 720 Ton Dual-Platen Hybrid Servo Hydraulic Molding Machine; Two Cavity Hot Runner Mold; Parts Made from Polystyrene Resin

Injection Works Video 3

Typical Use of a Picker Robot with Custom End of Arm Tooling to Extract Molded Product. Helpful in reducing operator-assist requirements and maintaining product cleanliness.

Injection Works Video 4

Example of a Class 100,000 Mobile Clean Room in use with a 310 Ton All-Electric Molding Machine and a Five-Part Gravimetric Resin Blender. This work cell is molding specialty closures using a 16 Cavity Full Hot Runner Mold.

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