Video Library

Video Library

Here, you’ll find a small, but growing list of short videos illustrating a variety of injection molding and related operations that routinely take place at Injection Works. Thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy the show!

Injection Works – A quick tour from Injection Works.

Special Project Highlight – Medical Dose Cups

Injection Works developed an innovative and unique cost saving solution for this Medical industry customer, to increase production, and quality for their medical dose cups. Watch this video to see more about how we did it.

Injection Works Video 1

Plastic Injection Molding Process Using 3 Axis Full Servo Robotics to Control Cycle Times and Reduce Contamination and Operator Labor Requirements. 720 Ton Dual-Platen Hybrid Servo Hydraulic Molding Machine; Two Cavity Hot Runner Mold; Parts Made from Polystyrene Resin

Injection Works Video 2

Typical Use of a Picker Robot with Custom End of Arm Tooling to Extract Molded Product. Helpful in reducing operator-assist requirements and maintaining product cleanliness.

Injection Works Video 3

Example of a Class 100,000 Mobile Clean Room in use with a 310 Ton All-Electric Molding Machine and a Five-Part Gravimetric Resin Blender. This work cell is molding specialty closures using a 16 Cavity Full Hot Runner Mold.

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