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Cervical Collar, StiffNeck, Blue, 4.25.15Cervical Collar Assemblies

Helping our Client Transform – Molding Coupled with Efficient Value-Adding Assembly

This client was looking to shift their internal efforts away from labor-intensive assembly operations and focus on becoming an efficient distribution facility in order to offer their customers industry-leading  overnight delivery times.


Cervical Collar, Orange with Foam, 4.25.15

Injection Works responded on behalf of our client by adding a variety of assembly steps to what had been our traditional molding work cells.  As you can see in the adjacent photographs, these assemblies include a number of long, colorful thin-wall molded components, adhesive-backed identification labels, strips of hook and loop (Velcro), as well as various pieces of die-cut foam padding.

To reduce multiple Work-In-Process stations and overall manufacturing costs, Injection Works ran two adjacent molding machines simultaneously and routed the output to a central assembly station designed to keep pace with the output rate of the molding machines.  The result was exactly what the client needed – a reliable source of lower cost and completely assembled saleable products delivered to their warehouse.  This approach allowed the client to focus solely on receiving customer orders and expediting their shipments, rather than managing multiple shifts of assembly laborers.  An important additional benefit was a 30% reduction in pallet locations needed for component storage in the client’s facility.

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