Technological Advantages

IQMS-ERP and Injection Works CustomerConnect:

Injection Works utilizes a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system that was designed and built by IQMS specifically to serve the needs of custom injection molding firms. While Injection Works benefits from the tremendous management, operational and logistical efficiencies provided by this system, we believe that our clients enjoy the most important benefit of all – total transparency to our operations.

Our clients no longer need to wait to speak to an Injection Works representative to have an accurate assessment of anything related to their orders.

Our powerful CustomerConnect feature gives you the latest information whenever you (or your customer) need it.

Specifically, by accessing our ERP system remotely (24 x 7 via the internet), our clients can view an accurate, real-time status of every order placed with Injection Works. CustomerConnect provides clients an easy-to-navigate platform to see any or all of the following time-critical items:

  • List of all Open Orders
  • Part-specific Order History
  • All Confirmed Delivery Dates
  • Status of RMA Items
  • Individual item manufacturing prioritization
  • Your Finished Goods in Injection Works’ Inventory
  • Shipped-product documentation such as packing lists

Communication Systems designed to quickly give you the answers you need:

In addition to Injection Works’ CustomerConnect Capabilities, we offer our clients virtually immediate response using our new internet-based telephone system that can forward incoming calls from our desk phones to our mobile phones or other alternate devices. Also, in addition to standard email, we routinely meet virtually with our clients and service partners via video services Skype and Web Conferencing – saving both time and resources.




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