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ToolingDocsCustomers deserve to know the true condition and status of tooling assets that they entrust to their injection molding service provider. Access to detailed real-time data related to tooling condition, number of parts manufactured since the last preventive maintenance cycle, and overall readiness of the tooling asset to produce parts for the next rush order helps both the customer and the injection molder plan for and achieve success.

Injection Works’ Tooling Department offers our clients a variety of tooling asset information with the help of an advanced tooling management software package from industry-leader ToolingDocs called Mold Trax 6.0. Using this sophisticated software, Injection Works tracks basic data from each production run such as start and stop dates and times, operating interruptions and part quantity produced – and that’s just the beginning! Additional valuable capabilities of the system include prompting our staff with detailed tooling service reminders, including a variety of pre-set scope-of-work levels. The system also monitors inventory levels of specific mold service components such as ejector pins, bushings, etc. – which can greatly reduce asset downtime.

ToolingDocsAmong the many benefits our customers enjoy are improved overall mold performance and efficiency, more dependable preventive maintenance intervals that keep tools in peak condition, and an enhanced ability to control ongoing and usual repair and refurbishment costs.

Additional capabilities of Mold Trax 6.0 follow:

  • “Inventory Monitoring” that allows the user to quickly see how many parts are left in stock. The simplest inventory system anyone will ever use!
  • A MoldTrax exclusive: A “Hot Runner Specs” tab has been added to the popular TechTips section giving users quicker access to manifold maintenance and repair instructions,images and specifications of the system. Categorizing this technical data saves search time and improves repair accuracy.
  • A “Maintenance Alert” report making it possible for the user to see what PM’s are coming due (Yellow), overdue (Red) or OK (Green) on molds currently in production.
  • A MoldTrax Performance Dashboard that shows the current ratio of Scheduled vs. Un-Scheduled mold stops as well as the number of molds currently in production and their PM status (based on cycles run).
  • Two new FastTrax Reports include Inventory Tracking and Maintenance Alerts.

If you would like to learn more about how Injection Works puts Mold Trax 6.0 to work for you, just let us know. We’ll be happy to show how we really pamper your valuable tooling assets.

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