In-Mold Decorating

Graphic Insertion into Molded Parts

Why Should You Consider In-Mold Decorating?

In the right circumstances, in-mold decorating provides numerous advantages over printing, painting and other forms of graphic treatments. With in-mold decoration, the graphics are embedded within the molded part, providing several advantages, such as:

In-Mold Decorating Advantages:

  • Protected graphic material
  • No need for secondary process or label application
  • Durable scratch resistance
  • More economical than many direct printing processes
  • Ideal for both short and long runs
  • AMAZING graphic treatments such as 3-D and Backlighting

Additional Thoughts Regarding In-Mold Decorating

The treatment of your graphics and the quality of injection molding is critical to your product presentation. There are unique production considerations specific to in-mold decorating such as film and graphic adhesion, film clarity and quality, special tooling and more. Injection Works adds value and lowers total cost by vertically integrating the molding process with decorating graphics. More importantly we have the expertise and knowledge to successfully manage the entire process including printing, tooling, film selection and engineering.

It’s important to partner with an expert in the field, and Injection Works is a leading provider of in-mold decorating solutions that can fit your specific needs and budget.

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