MUD Frames and Inserts

Use of Injection Works’ MUD frames is a complementary service offered to our customers to support their efforts to launch new products and accelerate their growth.

The Benefits of Considering MUD Frames and Inserts

There are more than a few instances wherein a company is looking to explore product line extensions or all-new product launches of items that are manufactured using the injection molding process – but the anticipated production quantity is not well understood. In these cases, it may be difficult to justify investment in a large, multi-cavity stand-alone mold to produce parts that may ultimately not sell in large numbers.

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Master Unit Die (or MUD for short)

One effective way to manufacture injection molded components without the high barrier to entry cost of a stand-alone mold is to rely on MUD Frames and Inserts.  MUD refers to a brand name of mold components and is a shorthand way to say Master Unit Die. Taking the MUD approach to getting started in molding a product can be simple, time-efficient and cost-effective. More information on MUD capabilities and options can be found on the manufacturer’s website here:


As illustrated in the photos above, one can see that a MUD Frame serves as an interchangeable main chassis for MUD Inserts, that can quickly be installed and removed from the MUD Frame. A single MUD Frame can accommodate any number of Inserts. The combination of a MUD Frame and a mating MUD Insert can be installed in a molding machine to manufacture parts, and switching MUD Inserts from one to the next can be achieved easily in a matter of minutes.

Flexible Design Options

MUD Inserts can be designed with single or multiple cavities, depending on size constraints, and can be seen as either a proof-of-concept prototype platform, or as long-term production tooling, making the system quite flexible.

If you have a project that may benefit from considering a MUD system approach, contact us here at Injection Works. We have many MUD Frames of various designs and sizes in stock, and we are ready to help get your product tooled up and into production quickly.

Typical projects that can benefit from using the MUD system approach include:

  • Prototype/Proof of Concept Phase Testing
  • Lower Quantity Production Volume Requirements
  • Products that likely require near-term or multiple engineering design modifications during early launch
  • Products that require extremely fast realization from Design Completion to First Molded Parts Delivery

Among the Advantages of the MUD System approach are:

  • A potentially substantially lower up-front tooling investment requirement
  • Faster time to production from the initial tooling fabrication order date (can be just a few weeks vs. a few months)
  • Lower product manufacturing costs due to minimal mold changeover and machine downtime intervals

If you’d like to discuss your project with us and see if MUD frames are a good fit, we’re happy to talk with you more. Just contact us.

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