Multi-Resin Applications

When the Best Results Require Different Materials

Some product designs excel when two different materials are permanently joined to create greater functionality and/or performance. Using the technique commonly known as overmolding allows clients to achieve product goals in a surprisingly cost-effective manner.

The item pictured here – front and rear view – is an example of a rugged and durable office furniture chair back. It is manufactured by initially molding the main back (blue area) using a proprietary blend of filled polypropylene in a first mold, followed by molding flexible TPV resin (grey area) – to serve as a supportive belt feature – over and across the main back component, in a second specially-designed mold.

This type of molding process, or overmolding, requires unique technical skills and experience in order to satisfy customer requirements, especially as overmolded parts are frequently categorized as consumer goods with high-cosmetic-perfection expectations.

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