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Efficiency is a Beautiful Thing

tour_photoDesigned from the ground up to be a highly efficient injection molding manufacturing facility, our 46,000+ square foot plant benefits from a custom-designed central utilities distribution bridge servicing the majority of our work cells. This bridge delivers power, chilled and tower water, compressed air and vacuum services safely and cleanly to our molding machines. Not only does this system save valuable floor space, it enhances customer and visitor safety by reducing floor-located hazards.

Injection Works’ customers benefit from our full range of injection molding machine designs. Along with our traditional all-hydraulic presses, Injection Works has recently invested in five new all-electric machines as well as three new hybrid servo-hydraulic machines. The all-electric machines offer critical cycle repeatability to enhance overall quality of the components we produce, and they require far less energy to operate when compared to hydraulic systems. Our latest design hybrid servo-hydraulic presses offer an impressive mix of attributes, including shot-to-shot repeatability, the ability to process unusually viscous resins under high pressures for New_robot_press_1372272668extended injection times, as well as impressively low energy consumption. We believe that our asset replacement program, designed to allow Injection Works to continue to provide our customers with the latest and best production technology available, gives our customers the competitive edge they need to succeed in their markets.

Over 6,000 amps worth of available power coupled with a generous amount of floor space gives Injection Works the flexibility of running all of our equipment without constraints, and allows us to easily and quickly grow to react to future customer production opportunities.

Injection Works helps our customers maintain their profitability by continuously investing in production automation. Fully integrated with our molding machines, these robots help us to achieve shot to shot uniformity, consistently high quality and lower direct labor costs.

Advanced Production Floor Assets:

GravimetricBlenderInjection Works believes that making targeted and consistent investments in the best new-technology production equipment provides our customers with a number of competitive advantages. We provide superior levels of product quality while effectively managing the costs associated with manufacturing. In doing so, Injection Works helps set our customers apart, and supports their ongoing success in their markets. Primary equipment investments such as these help us to provide our customers with superior levels of product quality while effectively managing the cost of manufacturing.

In conjunction with our advanced molding machines, Injection Works also employs fast and precise servo and pneumatically-driven robots to interface with molds and retrieve both parts and runner systems. Deployment of robotics drastically reduces direct labor costs and enhances product quality and consistency. As a large consumer of hydroscopic (moisture-sensitive) resins, Injection Works has invested in some of the best material drying systems available.

Our latest Matsui driers are built using advanced Desiccant Rotor Technology that reduces typical drying time, and offer faster start-up, higher material throughput, virtually maintenance free operation and energy-saving construction details. Thoughtful investments such as these help Injection Works provide quality product without unnecessary delays, while reducing overall manufacturing costs.

Many products manufactured by Injection Works are molded using proprietary mixes of a variety of resins and additives. Our gravimetric blending systems allow us to accurately and consistently mix up to five different additives to a base resin. These systems eliminate the traditional (and inconsistent) method of hand blending at the press, and result in more consistent quality and lower costs for our customers.

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera:

IR_2009-04-27_237With the help of data generated by our FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera, members of Injection Works’ Quality, Production, Tooling and Maintenance departments now have access to valuable information never before available. Accurately sensing and displaying temperature gradient profiles both on and beneath asset surfaces, our Thermal Imaging Camera allows us to provide customers with enhanced Tooling and Process Validation reports, identify potential water flow choke points within mold cooling systems, and improve our predictive maintenance scheduling of a wide variety of assets – ultimately increasing overall production uptime and on-time product delivery performance for our customers.

Integrating Tablet Technology for Real-Time Inventory Control and Accuracy

physical-inventoryInjection Works’ Logistics Department integrates Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet and IQMS ERP software to enhance real-time Inventory Control and Accuracy

  • Nexus 7 integration allows our staff to:
  • Improve Injection Works’ on-time delivery of product to Customers by reducing the frequency of unintended stock-out events
  • Update finished goods and raw material reports throughout the day and night at all work cells in real time
  • Perform daily, weekly and monthly cycle counting of inventory in 40% less time and with 50% greater accuracy
  • Move items between work cells on the production floor with confidence that all Injection Works personnel are updated in real time via IQMS.

high-density-pallet-rackingIn use since Q4 2012, we’ve seen real and meaningful improvements in our ability to better control product in motion on our production floor, and even more importantly, we’re sure our Customers will notice a difference too. Feel free to ask for a demonstration of Nexus 7 anytime!


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