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Plastic Injection Molding for the Biotech/Pharmaceutical Industry

Stackable Pharmaceutical Vial Tray

Injection Works solves Pharmaceutical client’s quality and dependability challenges.

This is an interesting case study because our biotech and pharmaceutical market client was facing supply challenges from their primary domestic source, preventing them from capturing large scale volume opportunities for their large, clear polycarbonate medical vial trays at large well-known pharmaceutical and laboratory clients.

Injection Works’ many years of medical, pharmaceutical and clear-part plastic injection molding experience prompted our client to contact us. We reviewed the project in detail with our client, and determined that we could help resolve the many quality, consistency and lead-time challenges they were experiencing.

By reverse-engineering our client’s patented large tray and divider products, Injection Works was able to reproduce all critical features of their product including critical dimensions, wall thicknesses, locking features, and texture to their satisfaction, producing two completely new Class 101 injection molds capable of matching the exceptional market demand for their products.  

With the confidence of a tool build managed by Injection Works in progress, our client was able to secure product orders for delivery after mold completion. Following our thorough and rigorous inspection, documentation and mold sampling applying scientific molding principles, care was taken to develop cost effective and ideal packaging solutions that met our clients needs for a top-quality presentation to their clients.

Throughout the process, the Injection Works Technical, Tooling, Quality and Production Teams worked closely with our customer, communicating every step of the way, and providing them the confidence that the solution we provided not only gave them a product meeting their requirements, but also a level of service beyond what they expected.  

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