Injection Works Activates Solar Electricity-Generation System

In March of 2012, Injection Works took a major step forward toward managing manufacturing costs, reducing its carbon footprint and helping to keep the environment clean when an all-new 290KW solar electricity-generation system was activated.  “Built with all-American sourced components, this roof-top mounted system with over 1,200 solar panels is designed to provide up to 30% of our power needs”, according to Facilities Manager Bill White.

President Chris Rapacki noted “The primary goal of the system is to help insulate our customers from the inevitable increase in long-term energy costs.  From a financial perspective, very low interest rates coupled with a 30% NJ state subsidy help to keep this $1.25 million project cash flow neutral, with a payback period of under five years.  This new system is a win-win-win…Customers will appreciate additional protection against manufacturing cost escalation – Injection Works’ personnel are excited that their company continues to build upon other conservation initiatives – and we all enjoy the benefits of cleaner air.

Customers are warmly invited to tour the installation and learn more about the engineering and financial aspects of the system.

View photos below from the Installation and set-up of the system:

Solar Installation 1

Solar Installation 2

Solar Installation 3

Solar Installation 4

Solar Installation 6