Injection Works Announces Quality Software Upgrade:

After extended evaluation during and after the National Plastics Exposition (NPE) trade show in Orlando, Florida in April 2012, Injection Works’ Quality Manager Dennis Frohbergh has authorized investment in a Statistical Process Control (SPC) module that will be integrated into the company’s IQMS ERP software system. According to Dennis, “The integration of this SPC module into Injection Works’ ERP system enables us to track customer product quality in real time. Quality Inspectors will now be able to input and maintain measurements of critical dimensions into the new database, track process capability and ultimately determine lot acceptability. SPC charts can be generated from the collected Part Quality Inspection Plan (PQP) data, and provide customers with easy-to-use visual reports reflecting tooling and processing capability and consistency. The investment in purchasing and implementing this SPC module also augments Injection Works’ Green Initiatives program, as current paper-based PQP’s and related records used by the Quality Department will be migrated over to an electronic platform.