Injection Works hosts Drexel University Students developing improved ADA curb access transitions for Philadelphia


In February 2015, three Drexel University students came to visit us here at Injection Works to tour our facility and expand upon their understanding of plastics in general, the injection molding process, and its potential applications.

In conjunction with the Philadelphia Streets Department, these students are conducting a thorough feasibility study related to the rehabilitation and construction of new ADA curb ramps in the city. One important aspect of their project focuses on evaluating alternative materials that can potentially reduce installation as well as ongoing maintenance costs for future transition designs. In conjunction with their regular design and materials classwork, their facility tour and subsequent discussions with our staff provided the Drexel seniors with a new perspective on manufacturing options, and injection molding solutions in particular. The entire staff of Injection Works looks forward to seeing their efforts come to fruition on the streets of Philadelphia soon.