Injection Works Invests in UPS’ Quantum View Notify Software

Reducing the average cost of freight can be a significant way to enhance the value proposition we offer our clients.  Providing more comprehensive shipment status information to customers can also be pivotal for our clients that have extremely time-sensitive logistics demands.

Injection Works’ installation of UPS’ new Quantum View Notify software allows us to deliver both.  With Quantum View Notify, Injection Works now offers clients the option of being automatically notified of key events that take place during each shipment cycle.  Email notifications of package status can be broadcast to up to five customer-recipients, as frequently as every hour, depending on customer preferences.

Accessing UPS Ground with Freight Pricing typically results in a 15-25% cost savings when compared with standard UPS Ground freight prices.  With over half of Injection Works’ customers depending on UPS for their shipping needs, we expect Quantum View Notify will result in meaningful savings that will have a direct benefit to our customers.