Injection Works now offers clients better visibility of their tooling asset care and service with Mold Trax 6.0 software from ToolingDocs

MoldTrax6 The Injection Works Tooling Department recently installed an advanced, user-friendly tooling management software package from industry-leader ToolingDocs. Using this sophisticated software, Injection Works collects basic data from each production run from every mold such as start and stop dates and times, operating interruptions and part quantity produced. Additional valuable features that directly benefit our clients include prompting our staff with detailed preventive maintenance service reminders, including a variety of pre-set scope-of-work levels. As an added benefit, the system monitors inventory levels ofMoldTrax6-guys specific mold service components – reducing asset downtime.

More information and a Video about Mold Trax 6.0’s customer benefits can be found in our Technological Advantages section here.