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Prototype Printing for the Construction Industry

Adjustable Deck-Support System Design Review

An established, growth-oriented manufacturer serving the commercial and municipal facilities sectors recently contacted Injection Works for assistance in bringing an all-new design for an adjustable exterior decking support system to market. This system is intended to be used on rooftops and large open-air plaza locations to serve as a leveling platform on uneven surfaces that will then be fitted with a variety of durable, flat, walkable surface panels.

This client was considering a number of individual draft designs for a critical adapter component, but was not entirely sure which one would provide for the greatest balance between durability, interchangeability and cost-effectiveness.

Collaboration between the client and our Technical Services and Tooling staff to review design-for-manufacturability considerations was followed with Injection Works putting our in-house Stratsys Fortus 250mc 3-D Prototype Printing system to work.

Within 24 hours from design approval, Injection Works provided:

  • Multiple physical samples produced in ABS resin based on each of the adapter designs under consideration for form, fit and function testing purposes, and,
  • Peace of mind derived from the concept proof-of-design test results prior to making funding commitments to fabricate new injection molding production tooling.

The combination of design collaboration and access to Injection Works’ in-house 3-D Prototype Printing capability provided for an excellent outcome for this client, and set the stage for a successful launch to market. The adjacent images show one of the 3-D printed draft design adapter components as well as our Stratasys Fortus 250mc 3-D Prototype Printer.

If you would like to jump-start your new product development process with a 3-D Prototype of your own, contact one of our friendly Technical Sales team members

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