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Antimicrobial Injection Molding

Antimicrobial Infused Injection MoldingAntimicrobial Molding for the Medical Industry

Antimicrobial Additive-Infused Medical Records Binder

A long-time Injection Works client in the medical supplies field asked for our assistance in developing a product line extension to their existing medical records storage binder series of offerings.  Specifically, they were looking to modify a proprietary resin that was used to injection mold the plastic components of their system to include an antimicrobial additive with the goal of enhancing employee workplace safety.

The main product line includes heavy duty three-ring binders commonly used at hospital nursing stations and other medical settings to store and protect vital information such as patient history and treatment records.  Given the frequent, hard usage/duty cycles these binders experience over their lifespan, any modification to the base resin mix needed to maintain, if not enhance product performance, durability and folding hinge integrity.  Additionally, any change to the original resin needed to allow for absorption and even dispersion of a wide variety of fade-resistant colorants, and to withstand frequent cleaning using common hospital cleaning methods and chemicals.

Antimicrobial Additive in Injection Molding

Collaborating with our client, Injection Works evaluated, sampled, processed and tested a number of antimicrobial ingredients, ultimately selecting the product that provided the optimal balance of cost, moldability and matching the integrity of the original binder system without compromise.  Not every application needs the additional safety and security offered by the inclusion of an Antimicrobial Additive.  If you believe your product might be a candidate for this enhancement, contact us here at Injection Works and let’s talk about options that may provide a great solution to deepen your market access and grow your sales potential.

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