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IMG_9399Heavy Duty Food Service Tray and Beverage Cup

Plastic Injection Molding for the Food and Beverage Market


Injection Works couples experience and assets to resolve dangerous product quality events for the U.S. Government

A division of the U.S. Government approached Injection Works to assist in identifying why it was experiencing a worrisome increase in dangerous product failures related to their institutional-service series of food trays and beverage cups.  Specifically, the previous vendor was supplying these items to penitentiary and other institutional clients for around-the-clock meal delivery activities.  Once in use, it was discovered that parts were fracturing upon experiencing standard levels of impact during normal use and cleaning.  Sharp-edge fractures are clearly of concern in these environments, and Injection Works was called on to resolve the problem quickly.

Once the mold was transferred to Injection Works, our standard and thorough incoming tooling inspection process revealed a number of mold-related problems, including improper venting, parting line damage and incorrect wiring of a portion of the hot runner system components.  Within 48 hours, the molds were repaired and serviced, ready to be installed for testing.

The hard use these products experience daily demands using extremely high performance engineered resins.  In this case, Eastman Tritan PET was selected for outstanding impact resistance and FDA approval certification.  High performance engineered resins require specific knowledge and processing techniques in order to achieve expected results.  Injection Works’ years of past experience with PET resins, thoughtful selection of the best molding machine and it’s injection unit to control residence time, coupled with new generation honeycomb desiccant dryer units and mold temperature control units provided the perfect processing environment for both the serving trays and beverage cups.

Properly molded, consistent quality parts were available and shipped to the client in order to replace the defective product in the field.  Injection Works continues to be the sole supplier of these parts, and the client reports that no further product safety issues have occurred.

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