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Plastic Injection Molding for the Medical Industry

Medical Dosing Cups

Injection Works attracts customers from diverse industries with unique product requirements, often requiring innovative, specialized solutions. Take this unique project.

A major supplier to the medical market needed a reliable plastics injection molding partner to support increased demand for their medical dose cups. These cups, though simple in appearance, require a high degree of quality and part-to-part consistency.

Additional requirements: Excellent visual appearance. Multiple colors and sizes. And zero contaminants.

Beginning with tooling, Injection Works constructed a technically improved injection mold for this project. More than doubling production output over the previous solutions. Foregoing many high cost alternatives for automation, Our innovative project team combined a high speed part extraction robot with a precision-designed rotary table increasing efficiency for final packaging. Integrating these two technologies achieves our customer’s short and long term cost reduction targets and decreases the need for human interaction.

The cups are deposited and stacked into corresponding tubes containing poly-bag sleeves. When complete, the table rotates and parts are final inspected, packed, and palletized for shipment. All parts manufacturing and packing takes place within a positive-pressure clean room with Hepa filtering and static elimination. Cups are never touched by human hands. A unique feature in our robotic cycle gives our Quality Assurance inspectors samples on demand.

Through a strong relationship with our customer, we were able to translate their challenging part requirements into high quality deliverables, that can expand with our customer’s increasing needs.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how Injection Works can help achieve similar results with your special project.

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